NEW MK2 BOBHEAD Protective Shirt Lumberjack

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Introducing the UKCA/CE Class AA Rated Protective Shirt

Experience ultimate protection with the Official BOBHEAD 50 Protective Shirt. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this shirt boasts premium features to ensure your safety on the road.

The Lumberjack shirt showcases a Genuine YKK Zipper on the front, elegantly concealed with a hidden flap and adorned with gunmetal skull branded studded buttons. The shirt is fully lined with Kevlar, a renowned material known for its exceptional strength and durability. To enhance comfort and breathability, a high-quality mesh lining has been added throughout the garment.

For comprehensive protection, the shirt comes equipped with back, shoulder, and elbow protectors. Let's delve into the specifications:


First Layer - Crafted with high-quality 100% cotton outer fabrics.

Second Layer - Fully lined with Kevlar®, a trademark of DuPontTM known for its outstanding performance in protective applications.

Third Layer - Incorporates a top-notch mesh lining, ensuring optimal breathability and ventilation.

Armour - The garment includes SmoothWays impact protectors as standard. Fitted Shoulder Protectors - BOBHEAD Shoulder - R Compact - Level 1
Fitted Elbow protectors - BOBHEAD Elbow - R Compact - Level 1
Fitted back Protectors - BOBHEAD Back - R Compact - Level 1

EN 17092-3:2020 - Class AA Garments:

The second highest level of protection, against the risks of the greatest diversity of riding activities. Some common examples are:  garments designed to be worn by themselves or to be worn over other clothing. These garments are expected to have lower ergonomic and weight penalties than Class AAA garments and some riders will not find these penalties acceptable for their specific riding activities.

Invest in your protection with the Official BOBHEAD Lumberjack Protective Shirt.

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